Through the early years curriculum on offer at Capenhurst our children will develop the knowledge, skills and understanding that will enable them to take advantage of all that life has to offer both within the classroom and beyond it. It will prepare our pupils for later life and enable the adults around them to be best placed to make the most of the rich and varied opportunities that they will encounter.

As an Anglican school, the precepts of Anglican education remain at our core. This includes recognising and valuing the Church of England Vision for Education – Deeply Christian, Serving the Common Good. This is worked around the four core elements of wisdom, hope, community and dignity and recognises people of all and no faith. This openness to finding out about people of all faiths, cultures and beliefs is at the core of the curriculum at Capenhurst ensuring that no one person is singled out or left behind.

We want all our children to see the wisdom of finding out more through a broad and varied curriculum offering a range of activities (be curious); have hope when faced with adversity and challenges that they are strong enough to overcome them and know where to seek help and guidance (be resilient); feel part of a community that values them for who they are and enables them to know themselves and how to build healthy relationships with others (be compassionate). All of this we envisage taking place within a stimulating and exploratory environment that holds the basic principle of respect for others at its core; through vigilant safeguarding and an understanding within everyone that every single person is valued for their uniqueness.

As a small, Christian Primary School, our early years children are very much part of the whole school from day one. The teaching in EYFS will follow the same whole school topic to further build on the ‘family ethos’ that is very much at the cornerstone of school life. The Early Years policy (available to view using the link below) details the implementation of our Early Years curriculum and also how its impact will be assessed.

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