Earth Skills Project - Winter Trip

Class: Class 1 Year: 2016 - 2017

All the children in EYFS and KS1 have enjoyed their seasonal workshops at Hooton Memorial Village Hall, led by staff from the Earth Skills Project. They have been to the site three times so far seeing how it changes with the season. Most recently the children went to see the environmental changes that were taking places during winter. They had a great time wandering through the woods looking for nests, sticky buds, mistletoe, catkins and signs of animal presence (or poo as the children preferred to call it!).

The staff explained the changes clearly to the children and it was lovely to see them out and about exploring the world around them and listening to their animated conversations about what they had found, heard and seen. Before returning to school, muddy but happy, the children made deer out of twigs, built the start of a ‘wattle and daub’ wall and toasted marshmallows on the fire. A great morning for everyone!