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Curriculum Information

Welcome back to a new, slightly different, school year! All the children have settled remarkably well in their new classes and it has been fantastic to hear the children playing, working and having fun – just as it should be.

Normally, at this time of year you would be getting separate class letters to explain routines and curriculum maps setting out work for the coming term. As this is a period of readjustment as we get back to our new ‘normal’, we have adapted our curriculum offer for the first half of the autumn term to provide everyone with the opportunity and support on their return to school to re-connect with the routines and predictable patterns it gives to their day.

Our curriculum will initially focus on re-capping and reviewing what the children have retained during their time away from school. We will use familiar curriculum type sessions such as phonics, reading, writing and maths so that all children re-connect with the routines and expectations of school. There will be times for exploration, indoors and outdoors, so that the children can lead some of their own learning and be curious about the world around them.

Each week will have core sessions based on basic skills, which will usually be carried out in the morning sessions. Then, in the afternoons, each week will be focused on reviewing areas that were taught last year in foundation subjects before we can begin to move on to new topics.

We believe that the way we have developed our Recovery curriculum fits well with our own ambition and motto where we want all children to be curious, be resilient and be compassionate. These life skills will form the core of our offer during this first half term.

The full details of our Recovery Curriculum can be found on our website at


It is really important that children are able to read regularly and continue to read books at school and home and is a key factor in our recovery curriculum.

Our younger children need to apply their phonic skills to reading books to enable them to improve their reading. Furthermore, reading is essential for wider curriculum success. Developing a love of reading and supporting the habit of reading is key, both to lifelong learning and ultimately for children’s life outcomes.

It is understandable that there is a concern about transmitting the Covid-19 virus by touching surfaces and the potential risk posed by materials moving between households and the classroom or library.

We are, therefore, restricting our use of reading books within school and at home to ensure the safety of everyone as much as is possible.

Reading Books

  • All reading books to be kept in ‘banded baskets’
  • Reading books will be changed once a week- Class 2 on Monday; Classes 1, 3 and 4 on Thursday
  • When children enter school on the day they change their books, they will place their reading books in a lidded labelled quarantine box.
  • They will then wash their hands as is the usual procedure for the entry into school.
  • Once their hands are washed, the children will be given their new book for the week.
  • The teacher/TA will have washed their hands before giving the book to the child.
  • The quarantined books will stay in the box until the following week.
  • The day before books are changed, staff will wash their hands before touching any books, and place them into the correct baskets ready for the next day.
  • Parents and older children will record their reads at home in their reading record. Staff will not write in these books, but can see them to monitor the frequency of reads each week.
  • Teachers will record in their own files who has been listened to for reading - guided or 1:1
  • When listening to children read, the teacher and child will sit side by side - at an appropriate distance.
  • Classes in KS2 will also have a high quality text as a class reader.  

If you have any queries regarding the above, please do not hesitate to ask. We look forward to working closely with you again this term.

Mrs Crimes

Mrs Wilbraham

Mrs Arkell

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