Recovery Curriculum Autumn 2020

Our ‘Recovery’ Curriculum

Covid-19 was, and remains for many, a traumatic event. The sudden separation from all our usual routines, structure, friendships, opportunity, freedom and the predictable patterns and rhythms of life will have had a significant impact on many. Some of us may have been able to ‘take it all in our stride’ but all of us will have experienced some moments of anxiety and bewilderment.

We all know that an anxious child is not in a place to learn effectively and it is with this in mind that all staff have had access to ‘trauma informed practice’ training to help prepare them for the return to school for themselves and be able to support all the children in their return to school.

We have adapted our curriculum offer for the first half of the autumn term to provide everyone with the opportunity, and support, on their return to school to re-connect with the routines and predictable patterns it gives to their day. Trauma-informed practice advocates a P(playfulness) A(acceptance) C(curiosity) E(empathy) model to supporting children and adults on their return to school. We believe this fits well with our own ambition and motto where we want all children to be curious, be resilient and be compassionate. These will form the core of our offer during this first half term.

As an Anglican school, the precepts of Anglican education remain at our core and this will continue throughout school from the start of the new academic year. This includes recognising and valuing the Church of England Vision for Education – Deeply Christian, Serving the Common Good. This is worked around the four core elements of wisdom, hope, community and dignity and recognises people of all and no faith.

Please see supporting documents below for further information about our Recovery Curriculum.


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